Mademoiselle Boudoir by Le Boudoir Studio bio picture
  • a little bit about Jodi Lynn

    Accomplished and passionate, Jodi Lynn’s adoration of photography began in the darkroom while processing individual frames of her art during college. Fast forward to the present, and she has combined her love of fine art film photography with her mission of embracing the beauty of women with intimate photography to create Mademoiselle Boudoir.

    All of the images for Mademoiselle Boudoir are photographed on medium format film, which means that Jodi Lynn crafts every frame and images with care and consideration. Jodi Lynn takes inspiration from the natural, dreamy quality of the grain and quality of the film in designing each photography session. Her objective is to capture the essence of the individual in front of the camera. This is accomplished through thoughtful styling, hair and makeup consultation, and collaborative coaching during the portrait session.



“I want to help the women that I have the privilege of working with increase their self-acceptance and self-love by way of fine art boudoir photography. A woman who not only accepts herself, but loves herself – is an unstoppable force. I hope that all women will allow themselves the boudoir experience because every woman deserves to feel like the goddess they are.”




why do I shoot film?


Film photography is not a lost art, in fact, there is a large movement within the art community to bring this medium back to the forefront. Jodi Lynn believes most people love the look of film images but may not immediately realize why. Film controls highlights better than digital, and also blends light and color in a more realistic way because the images are not comprised of pixels as they are with digital photography.

Moreover, film has a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing grain that adds true lifelike depth to the images.  At Mademoiselle Boudoir, we are proud to partner with the prestigious Carmencita Labs for our film processing. Jodi Lynn is more than happy to send her film to Valencia, Spain to know that your fine art images are in their qualified hands.